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Moh Moh Myint Aung

Five time Myanmar Academy Award Winning Burmese Actress

Moh Moh Myint Aung

Birth name                            Mo Mo Myint Aung
Birth year                             1960 (age 50–51)
Birth place                            Yangon, Myanmar
Years active                         1979 – present
Spouse                                 Maung Maung Kyaw (1987–present)

Mo Mo Myint Aung [mo̰ mo̰ mjɪ̰ɴ àuɴ]) is a five-time Myanmar Academy Award winning Burmese actress, best known for her leading lady roles in several Burmese films from the 1980s to the 2000s.

Early life
Mo Mo Myint Aung was born in Yangon, the fifth child and youngest daughter of Myint Aung, a successful Burmese actor and director. She grew up in the Kyaukmyaung section of Tamwe Township. She wanted to be an actress like the leading ladies of the day like Wah Wah Win Shwe and Khin Than Nu. She attended high school at BEHS 1 Tamwe but failed the university matriculation exam several times. With most of her friends attending college, Mo Mo Myint Aung gave up attending college and decided to focus on a film career.

Mo Mo Myint Aung was virtually unknown until Kyaw Hein, one of the top leading men of his era, chose her to star in one of his films, Mun-Tet-Chein-Mha Nay-Win-Thi (The Sun Sets at Noon), in 1979. She was still in 8th Standard at the time.  After winning her first Academy Award for 1984, Mo Mo Myint Aung established herself as one of the leading actresses of Burmese cinema.
Mo Mo Myint Aung as May Khin in Myintmo Htet Ka Tharaphu (2008) which earned the actress her fifth Academy Award.

While she is considered one of the most beautiful and commercially successful actresses of her generation, her winning multiple academy awards has been questioned because of her close cooperation with the military government. Besides appearing in government propaganda films, she has written letters for government newspapers declaring her support for soldiers on the front-lines.

Nonetheless, her cooperation with the government did not appear to have hurt her popularity. Mo Mo Myint Aung is one of very few actresses in the Burmese film history able to lead a successful multi-decade career in a leading lady role. Mo Mo Myint Aung is still popular, seen by many as having aged gracefully, and continues to appear in several films in older woman roles. In a testament to her enduring popularity, she won her latest Academy Award for Best Actress for 2008.

Mo Mo Myint Aung has made several movies over her over-three-decade-long career. She has won five Myanmar Academy Awards for both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress categories.

Myanmar Motion Picture Academy Awards
* 1984: Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, Hnalontha Myodaw (City of Heart)
* 1989: Academy Award for Best Actress, Khat-Sein-Sein Ne-Ba-Mè (Behave like Strangers)
* 1991: Academy Award for Best Actress, Thami Nè A-May Mya (A Daughter and Her Mothers)
* 1994: Academy Award for Best Actress, Ma Thudamasari (Sister Thudamasari)
* 2008: Academy Award for Best Actress, Myintmo Htet Ka Tharaphu (Crown atop Mount Myintmo)

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